SERVICES: All programs currently modified due to COVID-19


Mediation/Crisis Intervention

Resolution of gang conflicts and the prevention of violence. Implement immediate course of action and

redirection plan



Youth We train, educate and mentor youth, empowering them to enter their community with confidence.


Rap Sessions

Consist of individual or small process group discussions. Build on the relational theory approach youth are given the an opportunity to speak from the heart, build trust and establish a healthy relationship with staff and peers.


Tattoo Removal

Assistance in the removal of gang related, hateful and criminating tattoos.


Pro Social / Recreation

Youth will been given the opportunity to engage in new experiences. We believe that exposing them to new

atmospheres will give them a positive prospective on life. Field trips such as camping, Academy of Science Museum, professional football and baseball games, Tech Museum, deep sea fishing and etc.


Community Service

Provides rewarding opportunities for youth to give back to their communities. Youth assist at community outreaches, resource booth, tutor children, feed the needy and may be asked to speak at schools and share their testimony



The Firehouse team is passionate about assisting young people become self reliant and self sufficient in all

aspects of life. Our mobile outreach unit is a team of trained individuals who are contracted with the city of San Jose to identify at-risk youth, build a relationship and develop a Transformational Care Plan.


It is the goal of he Firehouse to

“Ignite Youth for Success” and give them the necessary skills to be productive members of our community.



Many of our participants are young parents.  Therefore our services are not limited  to youth only, but their families as a whole.  Our Family Parenting Program  gives participants practical tools and skills from certified family life specialists on the basic principles for creating and maintaining a healthy family.


· Strengthen Family Relationships


· Develop Practical Skills for Family Living


· Enable Families to Function Supportively


· Keys for Blended Families


· Communication skills


Case Management

Life Skills

The objective of the Firehouse is to empower youth with the necessary skills to make critical decisions that will shape their future. Our goal is to re-direct the young minds of at-risk youth in a relaxed non-threatening environment. Topics include but are not limited to: “Who am I”, “Peer Pressure”, Reflective Thinking” , “Opening lines of Communication and  “Triggers to Anger”


Community Awareness

Youth are encouraged to participate in class instruction and challenged to voice their opinions on current events and a variety of topics.


Community Volunteerism

Youth are given an opportunity to participate in community events and implement their new gained skills.


ISS (International Space Station) BETA Program

We partner with Quest Institute, Valley Christian School, Andrew Hill High School and Cisco Engineers. (Program Details)



An individual Transformational Care Plan is developed for each youth. Goals are established, resources and referrals are made available in an effort to  meet all their immediate needs. This may include but is not limited to: School issues. Meetings with probation officer, medical needs, housing and food

Emergency Covid Services

Emergency Food Distribution

  • Delivery

  • Pick Up 

  • Door to Door

Igniting Youth for Success 

  • Developing pro social skills

  • Life Skill Workshops

  • Evidence Based

  • Mentoring

Work Experience Placement (New Program Launch 2020)

Due to Covid-19 many students experienced financial impacts to family incomes.  Firehouse created this program to assist students with job placement.  Employers such as Target, Work to the Future, Airport Union.