The Firehouse is a multi-cultural mobile resource center in San Jose, CA. Providing gang intervention, crisis response and leadership to at risk youth and young adults. Firehouse provides many benefits to the community including decreased crime, homicide, graffiti and vandalism. The Firehouse has succeeded in transitioning individuals and families into the mainstream as contributing members of society.


Firehouse is a trained mobile outreach team who observe parks, community centers and neighborhoods in search of loitering youth. Once the youth and young adults have been identified the team begins to build and develop relationships in an effort to recruit these individuals into the Firehouse program. It is the goal of the Firehouse to “Ignite Youth for Success” and provide them with the necessary skills to be productive members of our community.


The Firehouse team is passionate about assisting young people become self reliant and self sufficient in all aspects of life, enabling them to experience a transformed life.